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SEATTLE | MARCH 18, 2017


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    Li Deng
    Chief Scientist of AI
    Nikko Strom
    Principal Scientist, Founding member
    Alexa, Amazon
    Xuedong Huang
    Technical Fellow of AI
    Luming Wang
    Head of Deep learning
    Savas Parastatidis
    Architect and co-founder of Cortana
    Luhui Hu
    CTO and Chief Architect
    Big Data Cloud, Huawei
    Wei Xia
    Senior Scientist
    Li Erran Li
    Senior Scientist, IEEE Fellow
    Xiaodong He
    Principal Researcher
    Mohammad Moghimi
    Senior Data Scientist
    Fei Yang
    Research Scientist
    Dong Yu
    Distinguished Scientist
    Tencent AI Lab
    Jonathan Hsu
    Engineer on Tensorflow
    Jinyu Li
    Principal Applied Scientist
    Fei Xia
    Professor at Dept. of Linguistics
    Univ. of Washington
    Guoguo Chen
    Junyuan Xie
    Applied Scientist
    MXNet, Amazon
    Nikhil Kothari
    Senior Staff Engineer
    Li Zhang
    Software Engineer
    Ronald Yang
    Software Engineer
    Qi Shan
    Director of Development
    Frank Seide
    Principal Researcher
    Tony Nguyen
    Senior Software Engineer


    TimeMorning Session (Room 404-406)
    8:00 - 8:45am:Checkin
    8:45 - 9:00am:Open Remarks
    9:00 - 9:45am:Conversational Systems: A Review of Three Generations of “Bot” Technology, by Li Deng, Chief Scientist of AI, Microsoft
    9:45 -10:30am:Deep learning in Amazon Alexa, by Nikko Strom, founding member of Amazon Alexa
    10:30-11:00am:Coffee Break
    11:00-11:45am:AI in Microsoft Research, by Xuedong Huang, Technical Fellow, Microsoft
    12:00 -1:30pm:lunch
    Afternoon Session
    Tracks 1:30-2:20pm 2:20-3:10pm break 3:40-4:30pm 4:30-5:20pm
    Computer Vision

    Room 401

    Large-scale facial and object recognition

    Wei Xia, Amazon

    Adaptive computation time in deep visual learning

    Li Zhang, Google

    Lumos - A Self-Serve Computer Vision Platform

    Fei Yang, Facebook

    Deep Learning on Computer vision for Real Estate

    Mohammad Moghimi & Qi Shan, Zillow

    Personal Assistant

    Room 402

    Architecture of Cortana

    Savas Parastatidis, Microsoft
    Conversation as a Service

    Guoguo Chen,

    Inside of Google Assistant

    Tony Nguyen, Google


    Room 403

    Multi-talker Speech Separation and Tracing with Permutation Invariant Training

    Dong Yu, Tencent AI lab

    NLP applications and challenges

    Fei Xia, UW

    Deep Learning in Natural Language and Multimodal Intelligence

    Xiaodong He, Microsoft

    Deep learning for large-scale speech recognition in Cortana

    Jinyu Li, Microsoft
    AI and Data

    Room 404

    Intelligence throughout Office365: Delve, MyAnalytics, and Graph-powered experiences

    Mark Kashman, Microsoft

    Deep Reinforcement Learning: Recent Advances and Frontiers

    Li Erran Li,Uber

    Modern big data service architecture: Evolving to intelligent data clouds

    Luhui Hu,Huawei

    Empower Connectivity with AI

    Ronald Yang, Facebook

    Deep Learning Framework

    Room 406

    Deep Learning applied: the key factors to success

    Luming Wang, Uber

    Tensorflow: APIs and Performance

    Jonathan Hseu, Google

    MXNet: Lightweight, Flexible, and Efficient Deep Learning Library

    Junyuan Xie, Amazon

    The Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

    Frank Seide, Microsoft
    Post Conference Session(for Day plus pass only)
    6:00-8:30pmVIP Dinner Reception with speakers, distinguished guests
    *speakers and schedule are subject to change.

    Why Attend?

    Worldclass Speakers from Most Innovative Companies

    Discover advances in deep learning & smart AI from the world's leading researchers. Learn from the industry experts in computer vision, speech, NLP ..

    Discover Emerging Technologies and Learn from Real Projects

    Advancing trends in AI, deep learning, and their impact on technology and business. Learn from applying AI technology to real world projects and services, and best practices.

    Expand Your Network And Lunch With Speakers

    Connect with 500+ tech engineers, researchers, data scientists. Selected attendees have exclusive lunch with speakers.

    AI/Data Science Job Fair

    Talking with recruiting teams from Microsof, Facebook, Google, etc.. for data scientist, AI, deep learning engineers jobs.

    Experience and Explore

    Expereince the latest AI product and services, enjoy fun activities, massage, and lunch/coffee included.

    Lucky Draw Prizes

    A lot of lucky draw prizes during the conference, including: free round-trip ticket from US to Asia by Delta Airline, Amazon echo, lunch with speakers, ticket refund, gift cards, and alot of more...


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    March 18th, 2017


    Meydenbauer Convention Center

    11100 NE 6th St, Bellevue, WA 98004


    Conference Committee

    Bill Liu, President, ATI
    Wei Xia, Senior Scientist, Amazon
    Xiaodong He, Principal Resesarcher, Microsoft
    Luming Wang, Head of Deep Learning, Uber


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